4 Corners Cannabis Releases New “Bad Candy” CBD Oil Tincture

4 Corners Cannabis
The company has been established since 2013 and making CBD products made of hemp that are of superior quality. The company considers itself as “growers”, meaning they oversee the beginning to end process of making CBD from growing it to the actual selling. They have total control of all the processes their products go through and they have chosen to farm organically for more superior products, unlike other brands that are merely repackaged. They gently extract the CBD from cannabis using ethanol used in food making to ensure that all the vital active ingredients remain unaffected. And since they also add a few more ingredients to their final product, 4 Corners uphold the integrity and effectivity of the cannabis they sell by choosing only the finest ingredients to be added.

Bad Candy is honored to be a part of this CBD oil.

They do not take any shortcuts. When it comes to quality and how well their CBD lives up to people’s expectations, it is virtually unbeatable. Choose 4 Corners if the quality is at the top of your list in your cannabis. The company acknowledges that the CBD products they make are just about the same grade as that of medical marijuana but all their products are LEGAL in all 50 US states since the THC levels are so law it meets the requirements set forth for hemp-based products by the International Law.

With decades of cannabis experience, you can’t go wrong with 4 Corners. They have logos with an owl and a separate one with a bike in it and they dub it as “OWL POWER” and “BIKE POWER” respectively. You are probably wondering why. The reason for the owl logo is that the products the company sells are made with brain power while the bike logo stands for products made with the human body in mind throughout the production process.

With these logos in mind, you can easily see that this company takes quality at the foremost of everything they do and makes it a point to make products that are safe for the human body and can help people in a lot of ways.