The Effects Of Kratom – Nature’s Miracle Leaf For Pain

(Newly updated on May 22, 2019)

Kratom is obtained from the cannabis plant. Due to its many benefits, the kratom demand is increasing. Many studies and research have been conducted to demonstrate the various effects of kratom on the human body. Below is the discussion of the numerous studies and research:

Kratom and cardiac injury

An investigation was conducted to illustrate the cardiotoxicity of kratom and its analogs. Lu et al. published the study in 2014. In the research, pluripotent stem cells that were extracted from the cardiomyocytes were used. Administration of mitragynine was done. At the end of the study, it was found that the duration action potential was prolonged. Arrhythmia was also induced. Another observation was that mitragynine could cause Torsade de Pointes. The phenomenon results when the mitragynine inhibits rapid delayed rectifier potassium current.

Kratom and kidney injury

Harizal et al. conducted a toxicity study of the standardized methanolic extract of kratom. kratom was administered to rodents. At the end of the study, minimal nephrotoxicity was observed in histopathological results. However, acute severe hepatotoxicity was evident when kratom was administered in very high doses. Mitragyna speciosa is the scientific name of the plant.

Another research was conducted to illustrate the effects of kratom on the kidney. McIntyre et al. described a report of a 24-year old man with a history of depression and alcohol abuse. In the peripheral blood, 0.23mg/l of kratom was detected. In the central blood, its concentration was 0.19mg/l. Together with a negligible amount of ethanol, therapeutic concentrations of mirtazapine, venlafaxine, and diphenhydramine were also found. During the autopsy, Kratom was screened. Pulmonary edema and congestion were evident. There was also urine retention. All these were attributed to kidney injury caused by kratom.

Neurological injury

A research was done in 2010 by Nelsen et al. A case of a 64-year old male was reported. The man experienced a seizure after taking a mixture of kratom and Datura stramonium. He had a history of alcohol and tobacco use. When his urine was screened, traces of cannabinoids, oxycodone, and antidepressants were detected. The seizure most likely was caused by the kratom.

Yusoff et all carried another study in 2016. The researcher concluded that there was impairment of the acquisition, consolidation, and retrieval of memory when mitragynine was administered.

A case was reported by Boyer et al. in 2008. From the report, a patient had stopped consuming hydromorphone. He then switched to kratom as a pain reliever. After taking kratom, the patient reported that he started experiencing a tonic-clonic seizure. Although in animal studies, there is no finding of seizure-like symptoms.

A deficit of cognitive functions can result when mitragynine is administered in rodents. The cognitive deficit was reported in a paper by Suhaimi et al.

Chittrakarn et al. did another research. It was found that skeletal muscle relaxation occurred when mitragynine was administered. Increased concentration of mitragynine and kratom extracts blocked the compound action potential. Therefore, more effects are exhibited at the neuromuscular junction, as compared to the somatic or skeletal muscle. At a concentration of 0.1mg/ml, kratom was found to decrease the contraction of muscles on a phrenic nerve-hemidiaphragm preparation. When mitragynine was administered in high concentrations of 1mg/ml, complete contraction of the relaxed muscle was evident.

Kratom and cellular injury

A study by Saidin et al. was conducted to outline how kratom can cause cellular injury. The cellular toxicity of kratom Korth on a cell of the human was studied. The arrest of the cell cycle was found to occur after the toxicity as the study suggested. The primary cell phases where the arrest took place were G1 and S phase. A high concentration was required to decrease the relative cell number. It was also found that low doses of kratom also stimulates the proliferation of the cells. All these proof that kratom can induce cellular toxicity.

Kratom and Neuromuscular injury

Chittrakarn et al. conducted a study to illustrate how kratom causes neuromuscular injury. In was done in 2010. It was found that mitragynine at a high concentration preferably 2mg/ml produced blockage of the compound nerve action potential. A decrease in the muscle twitch was observed when mitragynine and kratom extract was subjected to the skeletal muscle.

Kratom and Thyroid injury

Sheleg and Collins conducted a study. The study involved a 44-year old man with a positive history of alcohol use. For management of pain, he opted to use kratom for four months. The report suggests that the man gained 60 pounds. He also developed lethargy and myxedematous face. It was found that the patient was suffering from primary hypothyroidism.  It was concluded that the usual response to thyroid-stimulating hormone was reduced in the thyroid gland. This was attributed to the higher doses of the mitragynine in the kratom he was using. Mitragynine could have also suppressed the function of the thyroid gland.


Kratom and death

Kratom has NOT been associated with causing death, unlike some people try to claim.


Due to the popularity of kratom, many studies and research are being conducted to outline its effectiveness and adverse side effects. Non-medical use of kratom in western countries is increasing at an alarming rate. Many are using it for self-treatment of pain and opioid withdrawals. From the above-discussed research and studies, it is evident that kratom can pose serious complications, primarily when used in high doses. However, to come up with a standard therapeutic dosage, a lot of research needs to be conducted. As of now, individuals have been advised to use the approved drugs for treatment purposes, instead of kratom.





CBD Oil In South Africa – Why People Are Buying This Herbal Remedy

Cannabidiol (abbreviated as CBDoil is a cannabis-derived product. The product features chemicals that are naturally present in marijuana plants. Despite the fact that CBD oil comes from marijuana, the product does not create a “high effect-like” feeling or lead to intoxication. Due to its powerful inflammatory properties, it has found its ways into the medical industry. So, if you’ve been wondering what CBD oil is, here is all you need to know.

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is often utilized for health purposes, but there are some controversies surrounding it. Perhaps, it may have a couple of health benefits, however, there might also be certain risks. Besides, South Africa has now decided to make it legal.

Ever since the inception of mass-produced cannabis products, everybody has been wondering where to get CBD in South Africa.

CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant and those oils (which contain CBD concentrations) are referred to as CBD oils. Different oil concentrations have different uses. Researchers have been striving to establish the potential therapeutic applications of this product for South Africans.

CBD: Is it Marijuana?

Until recently, Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) was the most commonly known active compound found in cannabis. Marijuana consists of both CBD and THC, but both ingredients have different effects.


THC produces a mind-altering “high” effect when subjected to heat and consumed, like when a South African person smoke’s the plant or cooks it into foods. CBD, on the other hand, isn’t psychoactive. What this means is that it doesn’t change the person’s state of mind. Nonetheless, it does produce significant body changes and has been proven to possess medical benefits.

Medicinal CBD is found in the unprocessed form of cannabis, known as hemp. If you didn’t know, both hemp and marijuana are found in cannabis sativa, but they’re entirely different.

CBD: How Does It Work

All cannabinoids get attached to certain body receptors, producing their effects. Note that the human body also produces its own cannabinoids receptors: CB1 receptors, found in most parts of the body, but commonly in the brain & CB2 receptors, mainly found in the immune system.

The CB1 receptors present in the brain are responsible for regulating coordination & movement, thinking, memories, appetite, emotions & mood, as well as pain. On the other hand, CB2 receptors deal with inflammation and pain.

Previously, it was believed that CBD acts directly on the CB2 receptors, but it’s now clear that it doesn’t act directly on any of the two receptors. Instead, it appears to influence a person’s body to utilize more and more of its own cannabinoids.

CBD Benefits

CBD has numerous potential health benefits, including:

Pain relief: In most cases, people utilize prescription/over-the-counter (OTC) drugs to alleviate mild/chronic pain and stiffness. However, some people believe that CBD is a more effective natural remedy for pain and inflammation. Research has also confirmed that the non-psychoactive ingredients of marijuana, such as CBD oil, could be an excellent treatment for chronic pain.

Quitting smoking & drug withdrawals: There’s some promising proof that the use of CBD oil might help an individual to quit smoking. It’s been established that smokers who used inhalers containing certain amounts of CBD oil, smoked fewer cigarettes and didn’t experience any additional craving for nicotine. Besides, CBD may also be a useful substance for persons who abuse opioids.

Patients with substance abuse disorders may also benefit from the use of CBD oil. This natural extract can help relieve anxiety, pain, insomnia, and mood symptoms associated with drug/substance abuse. Also, it’s been found that CBD can as well be used to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

Epilepsy: CBD has also been studied for its ability to treat epilepsy as well as neuropsychiatric disorders because of its strong anti-seizure properties. Concerning neurological disorders, CBD may help cure neurodegeneration, psychiatric, schizophrenia, and neuronal diseases.

Cancer: Studies have shown that CBD serves as an incredible anti-cancer agent. It blocks cancerous cells from spreading around the patient’s body and invading an area completely. This compound suppresses the growth of the cancer cells and facilitates their death.

Due to its low levels of toxicity, CBD oil can be an effective natural cancer treatment. However, more research needs to be done to determine its synergistic effects.

Anxiety: Patients suffering from chronic anxiety are usually advised to avoid using cannabis since OTHC can aggravate anxiety & paranoia in certain people. However, it’s been found that CBD oil might help relieve the anxiety experienced by people suffering from anxiety-related disorders, such as social anxiety, post-traumatic stress, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and general anxiety disorder.

The good news is that CBD hasn’t shown any serious side effects in the treatment of these conditions. However, more research should be done to how CDB can be used holistically to treat cancer.

Acne: CBD oil is also effective in treating acne, a condition triggered by irritation as well as overworked body sebaceous glands. CBD plays a significant role in lowering release of sebum (that’s responsible for causing acne) because it has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD Oil: Its Legality

Cannabis is a legal product for both medicinal and recreational purposes in some states but not all. Other states commend CBD as a hemp substance without approving the overall use of medical marijuana.


There are several states that don’t necessarily approve marijuana as a legal product but have laws which are directly related to the CBD oil. Though the laws differ, they all approve the use of CBD oil for treating numerous epileptic disorders at various concentrations.

Different states require diverse prescription levels to possess and utilize CBD oil in South Africa. Before using CBD oil as a treatment option for a certain condition, consider talking to your health provider first. They’ll have a deep understanding of the product’s safety and local laws governing its usage.

CBD Oil Side Effects

It’s been established that CBD in adults is well-tolerated across an extensive range of doses. There have been no major side effects on the CNS (central nervous system), or negative effects on mood or vital signs among individuals who indulge in it either marginally or heavily.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that the main side effects associated with CBD oil include tiredness, loss of appetite, and sometimes diarrhea.

CBD Oil: How to Use It

CBD oil can be used in many different ways to alleviate the symptoms of various conditions. Some of these products can be mixed with foods or drinks, massaged into the skin, or they can be taken from a dropper/pipette. They can also be obtained in capsule form. Besides, other CBD oil products are available as sprays, which are often administered under the tongue.

Buyer’s Guide To CBD Oil In Canada

The use of CBD oils has gained momentum on the world stage due to their therapeutic potential. According to UK’s Cannabis Trades Association, there are 250, 000 cannabis oil users across the UK alone.  This shift points to the acceptance of cannabis as an alternative medicine to ailments such as crippling back pain, epilepsy, and anxiety.


Even then, many first time consumers end up buying the wrong variation of cannabis oils as they aren’t versed hemp and CBD oils or their uses.  This buyer’s guide demystifies the whole process of buying CBD oils.



Where to Buy CBD Oil

Once you have known the different uses of CBD oils, the second important query is “where do I buy CBD oils”? The fact that these oils aren’t yet being sold in mainstream markets means that first-time consumers may find the buying process stressful.

The step-by-step guideline below ensures that you will not only buy the right kind of CBD oils but at the right price and from the right supplier.


Step 1: Evaluate your needs

CBD oil has a range of applications including helping to minimize the effects of Schizophrenia, managing one’s weight through maintaining healthy blood sugar, relieving chronic pain and calming children with the epileptic condition.


Having a specific reason for buying the CBD oils will make it easy when you research on the kind of CBD oils to go for and sellers of such kind of oils. It’s advisable to enlist the help of a medical professional to help gauge your needs with regard to using CBD oils.

Step 2: State you’d want to consume your CBD oils

CBD oils can be consumed in different forms such as sublingual drops, capsules, oils, and infused edibles. To benefit to the fullest, it’s wise to think about which state you’d want to be consuming the oils in before placing an order.


Sublingual tinctures are placed under a user’s tongue which allows the CBD to easily enter your bloodstream. At this position, the CBD interact with your endocannabinoid system thus you get the full benefits of using the oils within a short time. Sublingual application is best for individuals who find it hard to take traditional capsules.


Vape oils are popular with those who aren’t fazed by the raw taste of the CBD oils. The different tools you may use if you opt for the vaporizer are using vape pens, and refill bottles. This method is suited for those seeking treatment for anxiety or migraines.

While sublingual drops and Vape oils are the dominant states in which CBD oils are consumed, capsules, topical creams, gummies, and salves are other alternatives you can go with.


Step 3: Choose a Canadian CBD company to buy from

Which is the best Canadian CBD oil brand to buy? Well, the answers can be as varied as the number of people you ask in Canada. To choose an authentic seller:-

People looking for a super high-quality CBD product should visit which is really good.

Ensure beforehand that they are willing to give you third-party lab reports on the CBD oils for your scrutiny. Such reports are often posted on their website or can be emailed to you on request.

People in Canada always buy high-quality products.


Never ask for recommendations from marketers contracted to sell the products on behalf of a supplier. Their main target is close in a sale rather than matching the product benefits with your needs.


Strive to buy a sample of the oils you’d want to purchase so as to test their authenticity and suitability for use. It’s worthwhile to mention that authentic CBD oils doesn’t come cheap thus a sample may save you money in case you find the product unsuitable.


Step 4: Buying the CBD oils Montreal-Style

The closing stage of the whole buying process is choosing your preferred supplier and placing the order in Montreal. You’d certainly want to check out the current pricing of CBD oils with a view to ensuring you are buying at the best market price possible.

People in Montreal should look at this post –

Once you feel you have the best offer, go ahead and place your order.

Montreal, Canada CBD lovers should buy the product this way.

Parting shot

When seeking to buy CBD oils for medicinal use, it’s vital to ensure that your purchase is not only efficacious but also safe to use.

Will the constant flood of non-updating ever abate? Sources close to the site say ‘maybe’

I recently found myself, for reasons I won’t delve in to here, quasi-homeless, sleeping exclusively on a friend’s ant infested couch for nearly two weeks. CBD has held a unique appeal to me for quite some time- maybe it’s because I don’t like the THC in cannabis oils. While I can’t honestly say that the experience of waking up to find several tiny insects building some kind of nest thing in my ear was enlightening in any sort of minimalist, “back to basics” way, beyond the fact that I now unequivically know that I never want that to happen ever, ever again, it did allow a kind of detached perspective on how I’ve been prioritizing my life as of late. If I had to make an ordered list of “Things I Wanted Done” at any given instant during that relatively long, dark period of my life, I think it would’ve gone a little something like this:

1. Find a place to live.
2. Drink myself into oblivion. (while using CBD oil)
3. Figure out what I’m doing with the rest of my life.

999. Eat old, oily rags.
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So you can see where my priorities have been. And yet, despite this, I could still be found frequenting our very own forums on an almost daily basis, wasting perfectly good update material on Ben and the disgustingly greasy old man who pretends to be every attractive girl on the Internet, and who also just so happens to be our only regular visitor. But they say that inconsistency is a hallmark of genius, so I guess that reflects well on me and my intellect. And while I totally just made that up, maybe that’s another hallmark of genius: creativity.


I’m not sure where I’m going with this update, other than to assure you that I’m almost done with a new review and maybe to garner just a little bit of pity and also to tell you that I think I might be a genius who’s just on CBD oil. So, though I don’t want to spoil any surprises for the upcoming review, I will tell you that we ate whole shrimp, eyeballs and everything, and in the end it was pretty retched. And I’ve got a place to live now, so phew, huh? I bet you were really sweating that out. I did that on purpose, not telling you right away that I’d found a place to live. It created tension and suspense, a hallmark of writing prowess, which is, in turn, a hallmark of my potential genius.

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4 Corners Cannabis Releases New “Bad Candy” CBD Oil Tincture

4 Corners Cannabis
The company has been established since 2013 and making CBD products made of hemp that are of superior quality. The company considers itself as “growers”, meaning they oversee the beginning to end process of making CBD from growing it to the actual selling. They have total control of all the processes their products go through and they have chosen to farm organically for more superior products, unlike other brands that are merely repackaged. They gently extract the CBD from cannabis using ethanol used in food making to ensure that all the vital active ingredients remain unaffected. And since they also add a few more ingredients to their final product, 4 Corners uphold the integrity and effectivity of the cannabis they sell by choosing only the finest ingredients to be added.

Bad Candy is honored to be a part of this CBD oil.

They do not take any shortcuts. When it comes to quality and how well their CBD lives up to people’s expectations, it is virtually unbeatable. Choose 4 Corners if the quality is at the top of your list in your cannabis. The company acknowledges that the CBD products they make are just about the same grade as that of medical marijuana but all their products are LEGAL in all 50 US states since the THC levels are so law it meets the requirements set forth for hemp-based products by the International Law.

With decades of cannabis experience, you can’t go wrong with 4 Corners. They have logos with an owl and a separate one with a bike in it and they dub it as “OWL POWER” and “BIKE POWER” respectively. You are probably wondering why. The reason for the owl logo is that the products the company sells are made with brain power while the bike logo stands for products made with the human body in mind throughout the production process.

With these logos in mind, you can easily see that this company takes quality at the foremost of everything they do and makes it a point to make products that are safe for the human body and can help people in a lot of ways.

Merry post-Christmas and Happy pre-New Year!

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Meanwhile, the wonderous people who frequent our forums recently organized and executed a Secret Santa gift exchange. Not only did my own Secret Santa not send me a package full of explosives and nails, but I gave as good as I got and the recipient of my own secret gift seemed quite pleased. Overall, it was a pleasant experience to share the holiday spirit with a few of my fellow Internet strangers, and you specifically weren’t invited to join in because you’d probably just fuck it all up. Sorry.

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